United States Sales Tax Calculator for 2024/25

US Sales Tax Calculator: This image illustrates a calculator robot calculating sales tax in the United States manually using the United States Sales Tax Formula. You can use this information to calculate Sales Tax manually or use the United States Sales Tax Calculator to calculate sales tax online.

As we discussed in our introduction to Sales Tax in the United States, US Sales tax can be quite a complicated business as the rate at which Sales Tax is applied changes at the State and local levels. In this section, we provide a suite of Sales Tax Calculators, one for each of the States that applies Sales Tax in 2024. Simply click on the State that you wish to calculate Sales Tax for.

Each State Sales Tax Calculator uses the following Sales Tax formula to calculate the specific rate or tax that is applied at the point of sale.

Sales Tax Rate = s + c + l + sr


  • s = State Sales Tax Rate
  • c = County Sales Tax Rate
  • l = Local Sales Tax Rate
  • sr = Special Sales Tax Rate

State Sales Tax Calculators