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Federal Tax, Medicare, FICA, Personal Exemptions... understanding and calculating tax returns can seem a minefiled at times. Whenther you are a buinsess, corporation, employee or employer, tax returns and tax calculations are overly complex and tax law can make finding and applying the right tax relief and deductions confusing. In this section, iCalculator provides tax guides in support of the tax calculators and salary calculators provided in our US Tax and Finance section.

Terminology and Jargon, it drives everyone crazy. iCalculator's tax calculators (Federal Tax, Medicare, FICA etc) use typial Tax terms and jargon for standardisation, those tax terms and others are defined here in our terminology section.

The chances are that you will be familiar with a lot of the terms, phrases and words we use on iCalculator but just in case, here is a list of the common terms and phrases that we use.

If there is a specific term which you feel should be added, please feel free to contact us with your suggestion

You will find specific financial terminology which is often referenced from our Tax Calculator. We also provide well as mathematical, human resource and financial terms and other market relevant terminology related to specific online calculators provided on iCalculator.

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